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Magie evenementiel



Performances tailored for your events

We use magic acts and visual arts to serve your communication needs.

We help you to deliver your message through ingenious stagecraft. Your ideas are conveyed by interaction and engraved by emotion.

We want minds to be surprised with our humane approach to create a sense of wonder through positivity!

Close Up magic





The close up is performed right in front of you.Intimate and convial, this king of magic is especially suited for private events such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events...

Digital magic




Today, digital magic is a real inovation. It catchs attention, and show effects where digital world is mixed up with the real world. 

The attraction about digital and impact of the illusion can make you live a new experience.


Marketing magique

Marketing Magique

In the event of a new product launch, the will to outshine your competitors during a fair or even to develop your sales, we will use all of our creativity to create magic at your vision.

Magic is a real communication medium and now at your company's service


On stage

Discover our illusionists' talent and sense of humor.

Spectators will be able to enjoy the best aspects of magic while experiencing illusion, mentalism, and even great illusions.

If you think you’ve seen everything, give yourself a chance to change the way you considered magicians until now, appearances can be deceptive. 

Glitter Painting

Seb, on top of being a magician, also performs using many artistic disciplines (drawing, photography, theater). Confident in his experience, he produces large portraits, under the eyes of his audience during receptions, weddings, birthdays, seminars and congresses. The pieces are unique, personalised and original. The Glitter Painting performance always has a guaranteed emotional impact on spectators during a show.

Sur scène


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